Balu Maine Coon polydactyl male, black smoke tabby


Meet Balu, a stunning polydactyl Maine Coon male with a mesmerizing black smoke tabby coat. This unique feline companion is not only visually striking but also possesses a range of exceptional attributes that make him a perfect addition to any loving home. Balu’s polydactyl trait enhances his agility, while his black smoke tabby coat creates a mesmerizing smoky effect. With his friendly and affectionate nature, Balu is an ideal companion for individuals or families seeking a loving and loyal pet. As a Maine Coon, he is highly trainable and adaptable, making him a versatile addition to any household. Regular grooming and care will ensure Balu’s overall health and well-being. Bring home Balu, the polydactyl Maine Coon male with a black smoke tabby coat, and experience the joy and companionship he brings to your life.